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Caller ID Service

How To

Setting up your VoIP CNAM Delivery through

Follow the instructions below to setup some of the most popular PBX and VoIP switch systems to instantly recieve VoIP CNAM delivery on your inbound calls and DID numbers.

We have instant CNAM configuration instructions for plain Asterisk, trixbox CE, trixbox PRO, Fonality PBX, Switchvox and FreeSWITCH. If you would like assistance setting up your PBX or VoIP switch to work with our Caller ID service whether it's listed here or not, just drop us a line and we'll be glad to help.

trixbox CE / FreePBX

trixbox CE and other FreePBX based PBX systems can be easily configured to work with our caller ID name service.

To configure, follow these simple steps:

1. Login as the maint user ( administration panel )
2. Click on "Setup" on the left side of the page
3. In the "Inbound Call Control" section ( on the left ), click on "CallerID Lookup Sources
4. Click on "Add CID Lookup Source"
5. Fill in the details as seen in the screenshot below:

6. Click on "Submit Changes" 7. Now, go to your "Inbound Routes" section by clicking the link on the left
8. Choose each route by clicking on the route name on the right side of the page, change the "CID Lookup Source" to "CallerIDService" and click the submit button. Do this for all inbound routes that you want to lookup the CNAM for.
9. At the top of the screen, click on the "Apply Configuration Changes" button to begin receiving CNAM on your inbound calls!

NOTE: If your username and auth key are too long to fit into the 'Query' box, you can replace the k=[KEY] with p=[YOURPASSWORD].
For example:

Asterisk 1.2 / Asterisk 1.4 / Asterisk 1.6

To get caller ID name working with your Asterisk PBX system, you'll simply add a priority to your existing inbound routing extension to retrieve the caller ID name from the CNAM query URL.

For example:

exten => _1NXXNXXXXXX,1,Answer()
exten => _1NXXNXXXXXX,n,NoOp(Caller ID Name Retrieved From - ${CALLERID(name)})

Alternately, you can use our AGI interface to easily set your caller ID name by adding the following into your dialplan:
exten => _1NXXNXXXXXX,1,Answer()
exten => _1NXXNXXXXXX,n,AGI(agi://[YOURUSERNAME]&k=[YOURAUTHKEY]&t=agi&n=${CALLERID(num)})
exten => _1NXXNXXXXXX,n,NoOp(Caller ID Name Retrieved From - ${CALLERID(name)})


FreePBX / trixbox CE / Etc using Caller ID Superfecta

While we're waiting to get our service added into the SVN repository to work out of the box, you'll need to manually download and install a add on to the module to enable CNAM lookups via the Caller ID Superfecta.

Here are the instructions: 1. Download the file to your PBX:


2. Extract the file:

tar -C / -xvzf CallerIDSuperfecta.tar.gz

3. Configure as you would any other provider in the Caller ID Superfecta modlule.

Switchvox Configuration:

1. Login to your administration panel
2. Under "System Setup", go to the "URL Manager" section.
3. In the "On Incoming Call Event URL" field, enter:[USERNAME]&k=[AUTHKEY]&t=switchvox&n=%CALLER_ID_NUMBER%

( replace [USERNAME] with your username and [AUTKEY] with your Auth key which is listed in your Members page )

5. Save the changes.

Sip Sorcery:

You can now use for inbound calls received on your Sip Sorcery platform.

Simply add the code below to your dial plan. Please note that you must change CNAM_User and CNAM_Key to your user name and auth key.

Place your inbound routing rules where you see #CONTINUE INBOUND ROUTING HERE and your outbound routing rules where you see HANDLE OUTBOUND DIALING HERE.


sys.Trace = false
sys.Log("Log message from default dialplan.")

if sys.In

   # Get caller ID
   name = req.Header.from.FromURI.User.to_s

   if defined?(CNAM_Key) && name =~ /^1?([2-9]\d\d[2-9]\d{6})$/
      url = "{CNAM_User}&k=#{CNAM_Key}&t=html&n=#{name}"
      cnam = sys.WebGet(url,4).to_s
      sys.SetFromHeader(cnam || name, nil, nil)




FreeSWITCH using Mod cidlookup:

First, you'll need to have Mod cidlookup installed. Here are the basic instructions:

To use mod_cidlookup:

Tell FreeSWITCH to compile in this module by editing modules.conf in /usr/src/freeswitch/trunk and uncomment:


Now go recompile FreeSWITCH...

make ; make install

Tell FreeSWITCH to actually use the cidlookup module when running by adding the module to modules.conf.xml in /usr/local/freeswitch/conf/autoload_configs:

<load module="mod_memcache"/>
<load module="mod_cidlookup"/>

Finally, edit the default config in the autoload_configs directory to hold your cidlookup configuration.

Now load up FreeSWITCH!

Configure cidlookup.conf like:

<configuration name="cidlookup.conf" description="cidlookup Configuration">
    <param name="url" value="[YOURUSERNAME]&k=[YOURAUTHKEY]&n=${caller_id_number}"/>
    <param name="cache" value="false"/>

Then, at the top of your dialplan/public.xml ( or wherever your inbound calls go ), put the following XML blocks which will fix your caller ID name!

    <extension name="fix_cidnam" continue="true">
      <!-- simple case, name=number or name is empty -->
      <!-- and number is a 10digit (excluding optional leading 1) -->
      <!-- will skipurl if not a 10digit # (don't lookup INTL) -->
      <condition field="caller_id_name" expression="^${caller_id_number}$|^$"/>
      <condition field="caller_id_number" expression="1?(\d{10})">

        <action application="cidlookup" data="1$1"/>
        <anti-action application="cidlookup" data="$1 skipurl skipcitystate"/>

    <extension name="fix_cidnam_plus" continue="true">
      <!-- if the name starts with + followed by digits, strip the
           + and then pass the number -->

      <condition field="caller_id_name" expression="^\+(1\d{10})$">
        <action application="cidlookup" data="$1"/>

Still having trouble?

We will help you configure your PBX or VoIP software to work with our CNAM database lookup for free. Please submit a support ticket with your PBX or VoIP switch information, contact information and login details and we will do our best to get you up and running and receiving CNAM on your inbound calls as soon as possible.
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